Passionate – Dedicated – Professional

About Priority Snow

Until now Capital Region residents had only two choices when deciding how to handle snow: expensive contract or “per push” rates using inefficient plow trucks, or shovel their own. With more efficient equipment, each of our machine operators can service a large number of clients in a short amount of time. This means that we are able to offer an extremely competitive full season rate while still maintaining customer satisfaction and timely service. Our tractors are dispatched as soon as snow accumulates to 2 inches, ensuring that you never have to worry about snow getting packed down on your driveway. We return later in the day to clean up after the town plow or snow drifts.

A Unique Yet Proven Business Model

Your schedule is already full enough between work and family time; the last thing you need is the unpredictability that comes along with the winter season. To meet these needs, the way that snow gets cleared from driveways is evolving quickly. Developed in eastern Ontario and Quebec, well over 80% of home owners choose to hire a seasonal snow service just like the one we provide. With technology evolving, highly efficient machinery is able to service a large number of customers in a timely manor. Which for you means great service at a surprisingly low cost.

Unique Equipment

Snow removal contractors use many different methods to clear a driveway, from standard shovels and snow blowers to a bulky pickup truck with a plow. However, not all equipment produces the same quality results. When it comes to machinery, we use only the latest and best technology, agricultural tractors with inverted snow blowers. The advantages of these tractors are numerous. First of all, rather than “back dragging” the snow from your driveway and stacking it in a pile by the curb, our blowers distribute the snow from your driveway evenly across your front yard. No more towering stacks of snow blocking your view, just a clean driveway. Our tractors are highly efficient, meaning we are in and out of most driveways in under two minutes!

Local & Family-Owned

Who are we?

“We” are Adam, Laura, & Penny Prior.

Adam & Laura both grew up in Delmar and graduated from Bethlehem. Adam grew up playing lacrosse, soccer, and skiing at Jiminy Peak. After college Adam started mowing lawns and plowing snow as “Priority Lawn & Landscape ” in 1999. That business has turned into the businesses we have today; Priority Snow & Priority Earthworks. Laura grew up riding horses, working, and teaching lessons at Double V Stables. After college she came back to Delmar and started Doggie Style Mobile Pet Grooming, which she owned and operated for 10 years until Penny came along! Penny has just started 3rd grade. She rides horses and can sometimes be seen helping mark out driveways in the fall, or riding in the tractor with her dad during storms. Of course that’s only if dad has promised treats from Stewarts… Of course we can’t do it alone. We have an amazing group of friends and family that come back year after year to help operate tractors, as well as a mechanic on call during storms should an issue come up.